Nayra Martín Reyes - Yves Velter

Yves Velter's paintings are regardless of the dystopian feel of unease and earnestness that they emit. The light bathing the works brought out  the soft but meaningful variations in tone and texture in each one of the canvases. We had entered a world inhabited by anonymous men and women. And a little girl too. Men that think and re-think, men that try to communicate with themselves and with the others seemingly failing at every single step. A long path of questioning in search of a/the/any truth is revealed to us. Do I really want to think about all this as deeply as Yves Velter has?

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Images without background. Paintings and sculptures by Yves Velter

Images without background.

Paintings and sculptures by Yves Velter.


OKV – Openbaar Kunstbezit in Vlaanderen – nr. 6 – December 2007- January 2008 – Text: Daan Rau


By thinking, one sometimes finds things one was not looking for. Serendipity, that is called, and this was also the title of the first special exhibition presenting a survey of the work of Yves Velter in 1997. “I’m not exactly looking for answers, but for alternatives for answers”, the artist says.


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Isabelle De Baets - Bodies Held up to the Light

Yves Velter has a fascination for and a persistent curiosity about the phenomenon of ‘man’. Starting from a strong concern about the human condition in our current society, he addresses social issues in his work. This always springs from a desire to make complex topics debatable and to bring them up for discussion. The greater part of his work tackles the basic need of the human being to communicate and also deals with fundamental loneliness, powerlessness and vulnerability. In a penetrating way Yves Velter’s images seem to make clear that real communication is precious and rare.

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Marc Ruyters - The Expressive Power of the Unreadable

Just as here are basic scientists, involved in fundamental research, there are also – we could suggest – basic artists. People who in a tenacious way go in search of the essential elements of an image. A characteristic of such a basic scientist/artist is this: in case you arrive at a certain point where you cannot go on, where the road comes to a dead end, you go and search for another angle.

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